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Tim Gnazale

Spiritual Coach, T'ai ji Sifu, Author

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Susan Marie:  Master healer, Natural food connoisseur

Kathy Lorenz: Craniosacral healer, T'ai ji instructor

Loraine Van Tuyl Ph.D, CHT:Author, psychologist

Tom Schindler:USA world masters water polo team

Charlene Earl: Master healer, Flower therapist

Barbara Wooley: Author, psychotherapist, healer

Gabrielle Spencer:,Spiritual Intuitive Guide, CEO Conscious 

                                 Wealth Creator

Lawrence Osiris: Nondual  spiritual teacher

Joycce Brodsky: Ordained Minister, Lightworker, Animal


Gerry Whal:  Managing Director, The Pension Advisor


Taijiquan Tutelage of Palo Alto

Oran Kangas: Health and Healing Researcher

Erin Messengale: Owner, Ancient Traditions, homeopathic


Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

Chandra Lynn:, Founder, Glow Marketing

Maryann Tracy-Baker, Activist, Transcriptionist, Writer

Charlotte Harvey: Yoga instructor

Toby Hanson: Founder HMT, Muscle Therapist,    

                        Kinesiologist, Life Coach

San Francisco Zen Center

Tim Gnazale:  Spiritual Coach, T'ai chi Sifu, Author

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

First Unitarian Church Of San Jose

Dr. David Brown, Ph.D:  CTO, VironAire

Lina Turentsiva, Veterinarian Technician

Oran Kangas, Sifu, Researcher, Healer

Master Cho, Mental physics pranic healer

Dr. Tae Chung Choo, L.Ac. O.M.D., Ph.D, Samra Clinic of 

                                                                   Oriental Medicine

MA Center, San Ramon, CA


Join Our Community of Higher Consciousness.

Unified Presence

Unified Presence is a community of individuals focused on bettering their consciousness through Higher-Self development.

UP is an inspiring way to collectively share helpful techniques and experiences to deal with today's effervescing distraction and roboticizing of humans from their greater sense of being.  As wonderful as our computer era is in providing ineffable communication, knowledge, information and connectivity, it also has its demonic side of entrancing some four billion  people into a petabyte (hundreds of trillions of bytes) universe of  binary clouds before we die and ascend to real ones.

So, here we are on our computers (yes, smartphones are also computers) trying to bond as an insightful community of everyday persons with everyday challenges and extraordinary thoughts—no matter how small or large, intelligent or simplistic, creative or pedestrian. We all comprise one human race, so let’s be  akin to bonding together as such: There are no other races on Earth, despite today’s madness to the otherwise.

This I will open with; that the human race is varied in millions of ways. From the mind, body and spirit, we can embody ourselves in variation, and with pride, not condoning.

I, like many, came from a multifarious upbringing.  In my family, there was depression, schizophrenia, divorce (when it was unheard of), no father, etc.--you know, like what much of our society experiences now days. I embraced these  hardships when older and used them as a platform to grow stronger and more compassionate toward others.


As I teach in my T'ai ji classes, "simple" does not necessarily mean "easy."  But it beats complicated and not easy.  And while "simple" may be a descriptive that a person struggles with to resolve life's complexities, there are ways to break down a challenge and piece together a solution that works over time.  How?  Fostering your Higher-Self forms a powerful way to help tackle any situation in life.  You frequently see this higher consciousness with athletes, academic achievers, poets, dancers, and everyday people.  Little by little they build skill and solutions to overcome hurdles in their tasks.

So, what is a Higher Self?  There are dozens of explications on this from spiritual guides, psychologists, mind/body teachers, ministers, life coaches and more.  I'll define the term as the conscious mind that engages a set of positive and cleansing thoughts to clear negative energy, stress, and bioenergetic disruptions throughout the body. From the Higher Self evolves activation and transformation from the usual conscious mind to a higher mind (bonding of one's spirit and beyond to the universe's indelible quantum makeup...God included if one believes as such.

How do we activate our Higher Self?  Common ways to do this include: meditation, prayer, channeling, journaling, chanting, and disallowing the negative behaviors of your subconscious mind to take precedence in dealing with stressful situations, such as fear, worry, being overwhelmed, etc.

The subconscious mind embodies your primal mind, meaning survival traits, learned behavior, reactionary emotions, and involuntary thoughts. Juxtaposed is the conscious mind, responsible for cognitive thinking, reasoning, setting goals, and chosen behavior.

It is common in psychology and spiritual study that these two mindful facets are made exclusive. In my view, while they certainly hold characteristics unique to their respective realms, I assert that each domain has extraordinary capabilities beyond its natural engagement.For example, creative thinking, or when one encounters paranormal activity, such as psychic premonition of knowing who is calling without usual clues, thinking about someone and he or she contacts you the next day, and uncommon dream states, all reside in the mind's conscious and subconscious realms. Importantly, both can be tapped into by the development of one's Higher-Self or higher consciousness.


By clearing the conscious mind--either by coincidence or intention (e.g., meditation)--this enables positive bioenergetic reactions to occur, which enable the body's vital energy to better flow and balance. Other reactions include reduction in stress responses, mental clarity, and connection to energy outside of the three dimensions we occupy. Subconsciously, I believe there are neural pathways that also enable this realm's higher activation with energetic planes. After all, the conscious process of thinking during meditative activity  or prayer is minimized to accept only higher activity such as affirmations and connection to the quantum mechanics of the universe and connection to god.  The subconscious mind is innately in a non-cognitive state, as with the conscious mind during deep meditation. 

Dividing the mind into conscious and subconscious facets has its purpose, but it only serves as a model for task distinction. Both of these mental domains in regards to higher energy activation ascend in ways for which we do not entirely know. In the end, they comprise a person's mental and spiritual unity.

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What is the difference between the soul and spirit?

The notions of ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ elicit endless definitions and interpretations.


I position the human consciousness’ highest state—the underlying drive, subsistence, and connection within the world and universe we occupy—as our spirit. It is the unique footprint and foundation for all other evolution within an individual. The spirit is always constant, pure, and of form for which one can tap into, or ignore.  It knows no boundaries or flaws, just the highest essence of an individual. 

The soul I foresee as an indelible entity that places a human being in the quantum fabric of the universe’s ineffable composition.  The soul is indefinable—a pure energy of which we cannot quantify. It embodies not only the individual, but  to the vastness of everything that interconnects our universe and beyond. If the spirit is the highest quintessential state of a person’s conscious and being, then the soul is the spirit’s embodiment with the universe’s multifarious dimensions—be it to God or less divine transcendental realms.


About The Author

Tim Gnazale is a native Californian, born and raised in San Francisco's Silicon Valley. He graduated from San Jose State University in Industrial Technology and business. He worked 30 years in Silicon Valley in engineering and marketing and 11 years as a fitness professional/national presenter. Tim also serves as a spiritual and personal coach, and actively teaches T'ai ji with 28 years of instruction. Tim is author of six books ranging from fitness to spirituality. He enjoys his time working out intensely across multiple disciplines, ultralight backpacking, writing, and helping those in need.

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